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Micihgan HealthLink (MHL) adopts a thoughtful growth strategy firmly rooted in our guiding principles, purposefully aligning like-minded caregivers willing to adopt these principles. A network of over 750 physicians affiliated with our four (4) member physician organizations, including: GMP Network, Oakland Southfield Physicians, Livingston Physician Organization, and Olympia Medical. It's not just about a community of caregivers. 

It's about better coordination leading to better care.

On July 5, 2012 the Michigan HealthLink was launched. We are a non-profit corporation, with a voting Board comprised of physicians, formed for the express purpose of implementing the BCBSM Organized System of Care (OSC) program. Made up of independently-minded physician organizations, together we are working to improve care for the patients we serve.

Initially formed by two physician organizations, Oakland Southfield Physicians and the GMP Network, within the first year of operation membership doubled including; Livingston Physician Organization and Olympia Medical.

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